On this project, Yerba Buena replaced shade structures at two park playgrounds in San Jose.

The work was phased. A surveyor laid out the location of the 40-foot-long metal posts for the structures. Then we cleared away the wood-fiber playground surfacing and filter fabric; drilled the post holes; installed prefabricated rebar cages; poured concrete footings; set, plumbed, and aligned the posts; and then poured the rest of the concrete to finish grade.

The surveyor then returned and surveyed the distance between the poles, and those measurements were sent to the fabricators of the fabric canopy “sails” for custom manufacture.

We installed the sails and their stainless steel cable and hardware and adjusted the tensions. At the Los Paseos Park site, the structure had a single sail. The one at Metcalf Park consisted of three separate sails at different elevations and angles.

After this was done, we replaced the wood fiber and filter fabric and restored the sites to their original condition. In two locations we installed rubber playground matting, matching the existing color.

  • Project Name: Metcalf Park and Los Paseos Park
    Shade Structures
  • Category: Trails, Parks, and Playgrounds
  • Client/Owner: San Jose Department of Public Works
  • Location: San Jose, CA
  • Dollar Amount: $140,000
Project Features:

  • Fabrication and installation of “sail”-type shade structures
  • Installation of concrete footings and 40-foot metal posts
  • Installation of rubberized playground surfacing