Yerba Buena and its team resurfaced a mile and a quarter of the Crissy Field Promenade, a popular trail along San Francisco’s waterfront. Since its opening in 2001, the promenade had been worn down by heavy use and harsh weather, and drainage issues had created pits, puddles, dips, and ruts.

We widened the trail, revised its alignment, removed the original decomposed granite surfacing, and repaved with a more durable and accessible processed shale/chert aggregate called Park Tread® surfacing. The work involved extensive subgrade preparation, drainage and irrigation repairs and improvements, and placement of 200,000 square feet of aggregate base.

We replaced the wood decking and fasteners on the 88-foot-long Channel Bridge and the 388-foot-long Marsh Bridge, as well as on 300 feet of boardwalk and 75 feet of accessible ramp down to the shoreline. We also raised the height of a concrete seawall and placed riprap along the shoreline.

In addition, we renovated the Warming Hut rest area, a popular place for visitors to rest and warm up on cold days. We designed and constructed a sidewalk drainage system as well as new accessibility features, including a new entrance ramp, and repaved the patio area.

  • Project Name: Repair and Alteration of Crissy Field Promenade
  • Category: Civil Construction; Trails, Parks, and Playgrounds, Marine Construction
  • Client/Owner: National Park Service
  • Location: San Francisco, CA
  • Dollar Amount: $5,604,600
Project Features:

  • Trail work
  • Demolition
  • Subgrade repairs
  • Storm drainage and irrigation system improvements
  • Concrete seawall modification
  • Riprap placement
  • ADA path of travel installation
  • Concrete patio replacement
  • Historic site
  • Strict decontamination procedures
  • Work over water
  • Biological monitoring