May 1, 2023

YB team photo

San Francisco, known for its iconic landmarks, stunning views, and vibrant culture, is a hub for innovation and growth. With the city’s booming population and increasing demand for infrastructure development, there is a growing need for engineering and construction firms that understand the local community’s unique needs.

A leading San Francisco LBE contractor
This is where Yerba Buena Engineering & Construction, Inc., comes in. Based in San Francisco, Yerba Buena is a leading LBE construction firm that prides itself on its local hire, HUBZone status, and commitment to improving the community one project at a time.

Founded in 2002, Yerba Buena has quickly become a trusted name in the engineering construction industry in San Francisco. The company’s primary goal is to provide high-quality services to its clients while creating job opportunities for the local community. Yerba Buena has a diverse team of project managers, engineers, and construction professionals who are committed to delivering exceptional results to their local public works partners.

Yerba Buena has completed several notable projects in San Francisco, including the renovation of the famous Crissy Fields and the San Francisco Zoo Tiger Exhibit. The company has also worked on transportation infrastructure projects, National Park Service facility upgrades, and public works improvements.

HUBZone status opportunities
One of Yerba Buena’s unique features is its HUBZone status. The HUBZone program is a federal government initiative that provides incentives for small businesses located in economically distressed areas. Yerba Buena is proud to be a part of this program and is committed to hiring locally to support the San Francisco community.

Yerba Buena’s team takes a personalized approach to each project, working closely with clients to understand their needs and ensure that each project is completed on time and within budget. This approach has earned Yerba Buena a reputation for excellence, and the company has won several awards for its community work and project partnering.

Overall, Yerba Buena is a company that is committed to improving the San Francisco community through its engineering and construction projects. With a focus on local hire, sustainability, and personalized service, Yerba Buena is a leader in the industry and a valuable asset to the city. If you’re looking for a reliable and trustworthy engineering and construction firm in San Francisco, look no further than Yerba Buena.